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January 23, 2024 - By Barron Rosborough




Premier agency will bring on CEO, founder and thought leader Jessica Zweig 

CALIFORNIA and CHICAGO– January 23, 2024 –  Hawke Media a leading U.S.-headquartered marketing agency has announced the acquisition of award-winning personal branding firm SimplyBe. The deal will equip Hawke Media with a comprehensive suite of tailored personal branding services and create a well-positioned full-service player in the digital marketing space with more than 200 employees across 43  states.

“One of the most important facets of marketing for a brand is ultimately the face of the brand,” said Erik Huberman, CEO and Founder, Hawke Media.  “By procuring the country’s top personal branding agency, we are taking performance marketing to new heights for our clients, leveraging an additional channel to significantly boost their business and prioritize branding like never before.” 

Founded in 2017 by Jessica Zweig a renowned author, female entrepreneur, leader and public speaker, SimplyBe. has 21 employees across two U.S. offices in Chicago, and Nashville. Named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in 2023, SimplyBe.’s core services include foundational brand identity development, executive thought leadership strategy development and execution, visual branding and logo design and personal PR strategy, execution and media relations. A selection of their key clients includes Google, Pinterest, Salesforce, Verizon, Motorola and notable public figures such as Heather Dubrow.

Since SimplyBe.’s inception, personal branding has evolved from a ‘trend’ to a necessary business strategy. We are thrilled to be fusing with Hawke, an organization that not only understands that personal branding is the future of effective marketing but has directly benefited from elevating the brands of their executives and its tangible impact on revenue growth”, says Jessica Zweig, CEO and Founder, SimplyBe. 

Among the significant benefits to SimplyBe. from the acquisition is the opportunity to utilize extensive capabilities for current and prospective clients, where Hawke Media has deep relationships and a dominant market presence. Having operated successfully and independently for seven years, SimplyBe. now with the support of Hawke’s infrastructure, has the opportunity to diversify and extend its specialized services into numerous verticals, a feat possible only through collaboration with Hawke Media. 

Scaling to a commendable valuation of over $150 million, Hawke Media has thoughtfully dilated its influence through purposeful acquisitions. The company features an impressive clientele including globally recognized brands such as Crocs, Red Bull, K Swiss, Casamigos and Proactiv.


About SimplyBe

SimplyBe., the leading personal branding agency, empowers individuals and organizations to harness the unparalleled power of authentic personal brands. With a focus on fostering clarity, amplifying voices and magnetizing platforms for attracting opportunities, the agency positions clients as genuine thought leaders. Their expertise lies in infusing humanity into business strategies. Founded by Jessica Zweig in 2017, SimplyBe. Agency equips clients with the clarity and foundational tools needed to identify their voice, scale their platform and attract opportunities. For more information, visit

About Hawke Media 

Hawke Media, one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the USA, offers tailored, data-driven solutions to elevate leading and emerging brands.  With nearly ten years of experience, the company has grown over 4,500 brands across various sectors. Founded by Erik Huberman in 2014, Hawke Media believes every modern business needs a team of CMO-level experts, using its proprietary artificial intelligence and data analytics platform, Hawke AI, to stand out as a unique and innovative player. For more information, visit