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May 7, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

HawkeStar Spotlight April: Nate Somsen, SEO Specialist

Hawke Media recognizes and awards employees that embody our culture, values, and mission at their core. 

Today we’re excited to sit down with Search Engine Optimization Specialist and overall wonderful guy, Nate Somsen after his April 2021 HawkeStar victory.

Q: Nate you are Great! Congrats on your victory. Tell all your fans out there, what being named Hawke Star means to you?

A: I am extremely humbled, I do the best I can to provide the best service possible to our clients but also to fellow employees. I’ve been doing SEO since the world was supposed to end back in 2012, so I really love it and getting to help people.

Q: Take us through your background a little bit? What was life like before Hawke? What do you like to do in your spare time? And how did you get to be so great?

A: I love love love my family. I have an 8-year-old daughter who is a handful but is really wonderful. We love watching movies and going to the park, playing board games together, etc. 

Q:  I see you are a level 9 Local Guide at Google. Would you call yourself an adventurer? Who is your favorite of all time? 

A:  It takes patience from everyone around me, especially my wife because I take out my phone and take pictures and such all of the time. I love the mom-and-pop kind of businesses and I love sharing them with people, help them shine. This fits in so nicely with the work I get to do at Hawke, helping lift up and support small businesses.

The picture that blew up most was from this restaurant a couple of towns over called Mulan, ended up with about 4 million views which was super random. 

Q: Now that you’ve won HawkeStar, what is next for Nate? What else would you like to accomplish?

A; This is a great question! Next to world domination, helping Hawke Media become even better. Right now the SEO team is really small, so I would love to see that blow up and become a superpower.

Q: Nate, you shine in a sea of talented people. What advice would you give to someone new to the company that wants to take home the award next? Who do they have to bribe? What do they have to do?

A: I don’t think it has a ton to do with bribery, more to just excel. There’s some quote that’s like “see a need, fill a need” and I think that’s what brings success. Go where there is a need and take care of it to make this a better place.

Q: In your experience, what goes into making successful relationships?

A: Being transparent and 100 percent open. I also think experience helps. Never be fearful of what someone might say, so just be honest, even if you don’t know the answer. I find that people really appreciate that honesty.

Thank you Nate for all that you do! I know we’re biased, but Hawke Media really does have the best people. Stay tuned for our next feature.