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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

How Great Content Feeds Great Social Media

In this session I will be talking about the differences between static information and dynamic content. By tracing the evolution of marketing alongside the growth of social media, I believe that the job of a brand is to help consumers discover a better version of themselves. Brands take consumers from where they are to where they want to be. Brands are like living things; evolving and changing every time there is an engagement with the consumer. Just like when two people have a conversation, their relationship changes. When brands engage with the consumer, the relationship evolves. In today’s world of digital marketing too much emphasis has been placed on just being out there. Many brands participate in social media just for the sake of participating, spraying and praying with content. They post the same content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Essentially, spraying and praying that if they throw the content out there, consumers will magically engage with it.

I believe there is no true secret to creating viral content.

Great content is simply great if it is aimed at consumers who care. The best strategy usually comes down to developing a niche or beachhead and owning it. Everyday I see companies trying to be everything to everyone. Most of the time this comes off as inauthentic and untrustworthy. And the worst thing that a brand can be is inauthentic. Great content is great content to those who care about it. If your company sells underwater woven baskets, find cohorts of consumers who share an affinity for underwater basket weaving. Own that niche, and develop content that appeals to them and they will listen. To be truly successful in social media, brands must participate with the consumer on their terms. Different cohorts of consumers prefer one social network over the other. Brands need to recognize this and alter their content accordingly. Post on Facebook or LinkedIn when that particular cohort of consumers are on it. Write shorter or longer posts depending on how your consumers prefer to read. A one size fits all strategy does not win you any followers in today’s digital driven environment. If you are not creating dynamic exclusive content, your competitors are, and are taking your customers. The only way to truly appeal to consumers is to speak to them on their terms and in a way that makes sense to them. Most importantly, great content and great social media does not happen instantaneously. Once you post you cannot simply walk away. Brands need to nurture the content that they put out there. Help jump start the conversation and when the consumers start engaging within it, don’t simply sit back and watch. Participate and help move the conversation along. Have conversations and not monologues. Ask for their opinion and see what they liked or disliked from the social media posts. This will allow you to gain learnings to help modify and change and better develop content that speaks to the consumer on their terms. Always remember that great content is great content to those who care about what you have to say. You have to find a particular niche of consumers who have a pain that your content is trying to solve. Once in that niche remember to post your content on the consumer’s terms. Modifying it and changing it per particular social media platform. But most importantly, foster conversations. This allows consumers to put a face on a brand. People relate to people and if your brand is a person, consumers will better relate to you.

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