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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

How to Double Website Conversion: Part 1

Whether you’re a blogger, publisher, small business owner or online retailer, today’s competition across the web is so incredibly fierce. Combine the massive amounts of information and competition with the short attention span of the general consumer and you’ve got a market where it’s tough to stick out from competitors. So when a visitor comes to your site, you need to capitalize on this opportunity. You need to engage that visitor in order to drive a conversion. To do this, you need effective tactics and knowledge on how to engage your visitors. Let’s tackle this problem!


1. Pop Ups

If you’re rolling your eyes right now bring them back into focus on your screen, because the thing about pop ups is that they work. Pop ups are the most effective way to present the message you want to relay to your visitors. They also drive conversions — a lot of them. Pop ups opt in forms can receive and increase of 3 to 10 times the amount of email captures a traditional opt in form receives.

2. Add an Incentive

When you ask the question, “How do I increase conversions?” You typically get an answer to the effect of, “It’s simple, just add value.” Yes, that’s true, but this is a bit of a cop out without any actionable advice. A simple and effective way to add value to your website experience is to offer a tangible incentive. This will drive visitors to perform the action you want, whether it’s joining your mailing list, completing a purchase, or both. The best way to do this is tie your incentive into your pop up. Below I’ve provided some types of incentives that work.

3. Types of Incentives

Promotions and Coupon Codes:Present the promotions on your site with a pop up to ensure that they get seen and are readily available for visitors. You can use the promo codes as an incentive for shoppers to subscribe to your newsletter, asking to, “Join our newsletter and instantly receive 10% off today’s order!” Some promotions that I’d recommend running are free shipping, a discount or a gift with purchase.Gated Content:Give your visitors instant access to a piece of content once they subscribe to your mailing list. Types of content could be an e-book, how-to guide, video or a white paper. This is a practice that is used on publishing sites and blogs and continues to be a very powerful email capture strategy.Sweepstakes for Big Ticket Item:This type of incentive has been an extremely powerful tool for both high quality lead generation and fostering relationships with individuals. Host a sweepstakes for an item that your shoppers or readers would be interested in receiving. Like other incentives, these pop ups can act as email captures to gain qualified emails of users already interested in your product or service. We’ve seen increased email opt ins by 660% through running a sweepstakes.It’s time to be the pursuer. This means engaging website visitors, generating new leads and driving sales through on site and retargeting efforts. These visitor engagement tactics can easily be implemented on any website and can be fully customized to meet your marketing needs. For more information on how to drive more conversions with pop up engagement, visit us at!About: Hawke Media is full service outsourced CMO and digital advertising agency with clients in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.