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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

How to Double Website Conversion: Part 2

In Part 1 , we covered the how of doubling website conversion rate. This week, we’re telling you when to implement those strategies.

When visitors first arrive on site

Engage shoppers right when they arrive on your site. This will ensure that your pop up will get maximum exposure. This is the most common method of engagement that we see and it works. The more impressions that your pop up gets, the more opportunity for conversions.

7-10 seconds into their visit

Based on your research there is a significant jump in conversion rate when a pop up opens between 7 and 10 seconds after the visitor arrives on your site. This way visitors have enough time to experience your site before being engaged, but not enough time to leave before the pop up appears. In a study, Bacon Today, we are experiencing a conversion increase of 3X when implementing a pop-up delay!

After they’ve viewed a few different pages

If you want to target visitors who are interested in your products or your content, then engage them after they have browsed your site a bit. For example, you could engage them with a pop up after they have viewed 3 or more pages. We typically see a higher conversion rate on this engagement tactic but it is limited in the amount of exposure it receives because a significant number of visitors don’t end up viewing 3+ pages.

After they’ve scrolled past a certain point on a page

I particularly like this type of engagement for bloggers. Engage your readers with an opt in pop up after they have scrolled down past a certain page on a blog post. You can pretty much guarantee that these readers are interested in subscribing if they are reading your posts so hit ask them to join your list!

When they arrive on a PPC Landing Page

I could write all day about this but I’ll keep it brief. A lot of time and money is allocated to driving traffic to websites. And rightfully so; traffic is imperative for success online. But for every $92 spent on driving traffic, only $1 is spent on converting that traffic. If you’re using PPC ads to drive traffic to your site, then engage that traffic once they arrive on your landing pages!In e-commerce the cart and checkout pages are the most pivotal part of the entire sales process. Engage your shoppers with an offer of a coupon code when they are on your cart and checkout pages. This provides them with an incentive to purchase and you can prevent cart abandonment before it happens.

When they are about to leave your site

Exit intent is an incredibly effective tactic for acquiring more email subscribers, decreasing bounce rates, and saving shopping cart abandonment. Engage visitors right before they leave your site for another chance for a conversion. To prevent cart abandonment directly, set up an exit intent offer for shoppers that are directly leaving your cart and checkout pages.

It’s time to be the pursuer.

This means engaging website visitors, generating new leads, and driving sales through on site and retargeting efforts. These visitor engagement tactics can easily be implemented on any website and can be fully customized to meet your marketing needs. For more information on how to drive more conversions with pop up engagement, visit us at!About: Hawke Media is full service outsourced CMO and digital advertising agency with clients in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.