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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

3 Ways to Scale Your Business on Social in an Ever-Changing Landscape

With the constant changes in algorithms, shifting user preferences and demand for consistent, quality content, the social media landscape can be a hard one to navigate. However, there are a few simple tricks to scaling your brand on social media, even if the ground is constantly moving beneath your feet.

1 – Diversify Your Audience

Building an audience on one social channel is a great start, but in order to scale, you will need to create audiences on multiple social platforms. Because every social channel has the potential to reach an entirely new audience, this strategy allows you to target not only your direct customers, but also your secondary and tertiary customers.

For example, you might be a fashion company that sells men’s clothing. While your entire Instagram feed might be male-focused, your Pinterest page could be geared toward females purchasing clothes for their significant others.

2 – Use Social Listening

Social media is no longer just a place for pretty photos. In order to scale your business, you need to provide value to your audience. But how do you know what’s valuable to them? Listen to what they’re saying.

Find out what content they engage with, what questions they’re asking and where there’s a gap between what they want and what’s being created. You can use a tool like Sprout Social to discover these insights.

3 – Use Owned Communication Channels

Whether via email or your website, it’s important to provide value beyond what you can fit in a single social caption. Think of social media as a cover letter for your brand: an introduction to what you do, while your owned channels should provide the bulk of the information.

Your social channels might spark a potential customer’s interest, but to grow that relationship, they will need more information and constant reminders of your brand’s value.


No matter what happens to the social landscape, the core strategy stays the same for scaling a social business. Take some time to really understand what makes your audience tick. Look at data holistically and see where you can add value. Create additional lines of communication.