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August 10, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

3 Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Experience During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The two biggest shopping days of the year are almost here: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now that both are moving online, you want to make sure you don’t compromise on the experience you provide your customers. Seamless web design and UX/UI best practices will make a strong Black Friday customer experience. 

We’ve collected the top 3 tips from our experts that’ll help you make sure both you and your business are ready to make it the best shopping experience of the year. Let’s check them out.

1. Identify Current Pain Points

The benefit of an online business is that customers are coming and going at all times. These customers usually browse through different offerings, ask questions, or comment about your business’s various elements.

This data can come in handy in helping you identify your current pain points. In other words, you can know what the most common questions are, in which areas your customers require help, and of course, see how your team helps resolve these issues and whether it leads to a purchase or not.

Pinpointing these areas and adjusting them before Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help you make sure your customers get the answers they need even before asking them and finding what they came looking for.

Hawke Media can audit give your site a UX/UI audit if you’re not instantly sure where pain points might be.

2. Leverage Technology; Automate the Process

As part of 2020’s shift to the online world, many businesses implemented tools to monitor, communicate, and assist their customers. These tools can help your support teams identify when to reach out to a customer, know how to answer tickets, and help handle any issue that might arise.

To fully leverage this ability, you want to make sure you’re adding a customer-facing solution as well, such as an AI assistant or a chatbot. It can help take the load off of your support team by providing answers to FAQs at the click of a button, offer a variety of products or options to choose from, or help submit a ticket more quickly.

And if you already know where your pain points are, you’ll know what your assistant/chatbot should focus on when answering customers.

Hawke Media is pleased to announce the launch of Hawke.AI, coming this fall!

3. 24/7 Availability

With the move to an online experience, you need to remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday might last longer than just a few hours, especially if you offer your services worldwide or service several time zones.

Providing answers quickly might be the difference between a successful purchase and an angry customer who will leave for a different vendor or service provider. You want to make sure you’re available to answer any question, which can arrive as early (or late) as 12:01 AM – when most of your support reps are not available anymore. 

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to hire an around-the-clock support team. Instead, you can apply technology to help you – in the form of an AI assistant or a chatbot.

Remember, unlike the offline experience, customers might not be aware that thousands of other virtual shoppers are around them, and they’ll expect to get an answer or information as soon as they ask it – or at the very least, within a few minutes of asking the question. 

Web experts at Hawke Media can implement Chatbot and other features to streamline the customer experience, no matter what storefront platform you use.

4. Use Plantt

You might be wondering – “how can I get all of this done in time?”. As we mentioned before, technology can come to your rescue.

With Plantt, you can analyze your customers’ communication and discover the most common and repetitive queries coming from your customers, in less than 72 hours. The result is a detailed summary that includes the most common queries, questions, and topics, which helps you identify any bottlenecks you currently have in your communicational flow.

Plantt’s dashboard highlights which topics can be solved with an automated process, such as adding an AI or chatbot, and offers the conversational flow that’ll help answer the questions. This data is based on how reps are currently communicating with your customers, ensuring you keep your tone of voice consistent.

And the best part? Plantt is a self-learning tool. Meaning that as new queries and questions arrive from your customers, Plantt automatically detects them, analyzes them, and suggests the relevant flow to solve them – without complex decision trees, with no need to write code and without a team member monitor create anything.

Get a free communication analysis from Plantt in less than 72 hours.

Bottom Line

You want to make sure that you provide the Black Friday customer experience is the best possible for your customers, helping them become ambassadors of your brand. A happy customer is someone who comes back to shop again, writes good reviews, and tell their friends about you.

By following these steps, you can be sure that you’re not only ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but that you’re prepared for any customer at any time. Happy shopping!

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