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Improve Your Sustainable Marketing with Hawke Media Partners
April 4, 2023 - By Hawke Media

Improve Your Sustainable Marketing with Hawke Media Partners

It’s more important than ever that companies of all sizes make environmental impact a priority. 55% of American consumers are willing to spend more on eco-friendly products, and 40% go as far to say they’re willing to boycott companies that don’t make efforts to be more environmentally friendly. How do you make sure your brand stays on the right side of this issue? Sustainable marketing. 

Sustainable marketing, also called green marketing, promotes a brand’s ecologically-minded products, services, and initiatives.

At Hawke Media, we know all about marketing, and we collaborate with strategic partners, both for our own services and those of our clients. With Earth Day approaching – Saturday, April 23, 2023 – you may want to partner with these brands to boost your sustainable marketing. These eco-friendly companies won’t just put a green sheen on your company; they’ll make the world a better place for future generations. 


Ecodrive offers a way to add sustainability practices for customers at checkout. The platform presents brands with the opportunity to calculate consumers’ carbon footprint and give them the option to offset it by planting verified trees. Someone makes a purchase, Ecodrive plants a tree. 

This increases conversion rate by 17% and provides around 4.9x ROAS. It also builds lifetime customer value, as customers are more likely to return knowing they’re making a difference. 


Boost brand awareness and attract new customers with compelling custom boxes from Akra. All the packaging materials are made with industry-leading sustainable materials and practices. Their carbon-neutral eco boxes are Forestry Service Council Certified and made in the US. 

In the age of Instagram Stories and unboxing videos on YouTube, presentation is more important than ever. Even if there’s a surcharge for a sustainable packaging option, 34% of people will pay extra to know their purchase made a difference.

The mission at is to help fashion and apparel brands grow responsibly with programs that ensure every item produced lives its longest possible life. Treet gives customers resale opportunities, either on your own site or theirs. It also offers platforms for unsold or damaged items and credits for returned or recycled items.  

The solutions give you control in how your brand is represented beyond the initial off-the-rack transaction. The store credits for ethically disposing of products helps your bottom line, as customers spend 2-3x more when redeeming credit, which also boosts LTCV. Reselling used items reduces carbon footprints by as much as 82%. 


Manifest Commerce 

Manifest makes it simple to go green in your fulfillment process with green warehousing and biodegradable packaging. They simplify carbon footprint data by putting your brand’s exact impact in easy-to-understand terms right in your invoice. 

Manifest Commerce will revolutionize the way you do business behind the scenes, so we recommend a larger campaign promoting all your eco-friendly changes after you’ve launched your partnership with them. Advertise these as permanent changes so buyers can feel confident with your practices well into the future. You can also create an evergreen landing page about all the eco-friendly measurements your brand takes every day. 



One of the biggest companies on this list is EcoCart, which gives customers the option for carbon-neutral checkouts with the click of a button. The founder, Dan Baker, was recently featured on the 30 Under 30, and his brand has high-profile clients like Olipop, Walmart, Skullcandy, Bark, and tons more. 

The brand has found that adding EcoCart to your website improves AOV by 10%, repurchase rate by 15%, and cart conversion by 14%. It most frequently works with consumer packaged goods, home goods, apparel, and cosmetics companies.



Floship circular logistics solutions cover all aspects of the global supply chain, ensuring minimal operation effort for e-commerce businesses while exceeding their expectations, allowing business owners to concentrate on driving growth and investment flexibility while gaining peace of mind

Floship’s technology helps e-commerce brands reduce their carbon footprint through packaging and route optimization and container consolidation to reduce carbon emissions generated through transportation.

Floship’s customizable and optimized packaging solutions also enable e-commerce customers to experience an entirely plastic-free delivery, thereby eliminating excess waste sent to landfills and reducing plastic waste from the supply chain.


Moving Forward Together

All of these partners make it possible for Hawke Media to minimize its carbon footprint. They also work synergistically to optimize the workflows of several of our clients. It’s about more than just attracting eco-conscious buyers to your company – it’s about leaving this shared home better than you found it. 

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