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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

3 Inexpensive Ways to Use Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Offline

Guerrilla marketing—you may or may not have heard the term before, but odds are you have been subjective to some of the tactics at some point. Guerrilla marketing strategy is similar to the phrase it stems from, guerrilla warfare; it gets in your face through irregular tactics. In order to do that, in this day and age, you have to think outside the box, and in many ways, you must embody your inner millennial. Here are three different inexpensive ways to use guerrilla marketing tactics to your advantage in 2017:

  1. Make stickers
  2. Giveaway free samples
  3. Snapchat filter

Make Stickers to promote your brand

Look at brands such as Vineyard Vines, TOMS, Patagonia—all big name brands, and all have stickers that are constantly flashed on laptops, water bottles, and various other items. Creating stickers is an inexpensive way to advertise—the cost to produce is minimal, and you can distribute them easily giving you next to nothing in advertising costs. By doing this, you have created a constantly moving advertisement canvas.

Giveaway free samples

This goes hand-in-hand with my first point—everyone loves free samples. It’s a simple and easy way to get your brand out there. Depending on the finances you have a wide range of options as to what you could give out—everything from sticker to a free product sample.

Get a Snapchat filter

If there is one thing that Millennials are obsessed with, it’s Snapchat. Who uses a camera anymore when Snapchat has one with built in fun filters? These filters are the perfect way to get impressions and are inexpensive with great brand exposure. There’s an almost endless amount of people that flip through the filters every day and send Snaps with them. Those are just a few examples of how you might use guerrilla marketing for your brand in the most inexpensive ways. However, the possibilities for it are extensive, and creativity is a must when trying to market your brand.

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