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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Get Creative With Influencer Marketing on Social Media

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and been coaxed into buying an item you saw on an influencer’s profile? If so, you’re not alone. A study conducted this year found that 64 percent of women shopping for apparel on their smartphones purchase products displayed in content. This realization is not new to the influencer sphere, as more and more marketers are boosting investment in their influencer budgets for the coming year. However, the rise in influencer marketing also poses a significant challenge as the industry is increasingly becoming more saturated. So how do you create an influencer campaign through social media that rises through the noise? Women’s e-commerce site, Revolve is a brand that has revolutionized the way brands can use social media and influencers to drive brand awareness and conversions. Their social team has grown their Instagram following to 1.5 million, and this continues to grow as the team ensures their followers are engaged with 170 to 250 pieces of content a month. Here are creative social media tactics we can learn from Revolve:

Create an experience and put your brand in content:

For the past two summers, Revolve hosted #RevolveintheHamptons, inviting famous celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers to spend a weekend at a trendy, beautiful and posh house in the Hamptons. The month-long activation was no small feat. In addition to taking care of each influencer’s travel and accommodations, Revolve gifted influencers with a clothing credit, in addition to paying an appearance fee. In exchange, each guest was required to post using the designated hashtag twice a day. However, bloggers far exceeded this as the property was staged to Instagram perfection with cozy clusters of Moroccan poufs, colorful pool floaties, and Pinterest-perfect signage scattered throughout. The result? More than 4,700 pieces of unique content was created that engaged thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

Focus on personalization:

In addition to experiential activations, Revolve has dedicated a separate section, Revolve Me, on their website for the sole purpose of repurposing photos shared on Instagram. All images tagged with hashtags #RevolveintheHamptons and #RevolveMe are carefully filtered through and featured on the Revolve Me section of their website. The page allows users to conveniently shop their favorite looks, while also having the opportunity to become a part of the Revolve community. Social media and influencer marketing go hand in hand and when done the right way can increase brand awareness and build trust with your audience. The key is creating influencer marketing campaigns that emphasize less on the product and more on the brand’s image. Image credit: Revolve

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