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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Introducing The Nest: Hawke Media’s Co-Retail Space

hawke media the nest

Online shopping is fast, convenient, and—let’s be honest—fun to do from the comfort of your couch while drinking a glass of wine. But sometimes you want to see the product in person. That’s why we’re introducing The Nest—a temporary co-retail space from Hawke Media. The Nest will house 10 of the coolest online brands—offline—in the heart of Abbot Kinney at the House of Wylie, 1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice from March 3rd to March 31st.We see it everywhere—co-working spaces, co-living spaces, co-operative spaces—so co-retail is a natural evolution. The department store model has been on a steady decline, and now is the time for new strategies to emerge.The Nest was born as a solution to a very real issue—the relevance of retail. Although e-commerce has undoubtedly changed the landscape for consumerism, retail will always be in the equation. Why? Retail is labor intensive, costly, and hard to manage, so why even do it?The truth is our need for human interaction is engraved in us. Having a person welcome and inform you, answer your questions and concerns, getting to see the product in the “flesh,” getting to touch it, feel it, test it, makes all the difference in the world! And if you’re smart about how you utilize this space you’ve taken over, it can become a multifunctional branding tool that brings a ton of attention to a growing brand.We’re providing a service for brands who want to expand or are testing the retail market for a fraction of the cost of producing a store of their own. It’s a complete package with very low involvement from the brand side—we do the heavy lifting and develop a fully functional retail activation.We’re proud to announce that we will have Wildfox, Shwood, Sweat Tailor, Manready Mercantile, Zinvo, Ridgewallet, Unmarked Skincare, DSTLD, Shagbagg, and The Girl and The Water, featured in our shop in March.Hawke is excited to present this project, and we are currently bringing on brands for April. If you’re interested in showcasing your brand, visit our website and follow the steps to apply.See you at The Nest!