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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Live from the Nest Season 2 Ep. 3 w/ Andy Mackensen, CMO & Co-Founder, SnackNation

Live from the Nest Season 2 is an industry expert series set up fireside chat style, where we sit down with top media executives and they tell us about their top marketing tips based around a specific topic. Season 2 continues this week with SnackNation’s dynamic CMO & Co-Founder, Andy Mackensen. Andy leads an award winning marketing team that is a finely-tuned inbound lead generation machine.

SnackNation’s mission is to help connect people and offices to healthier snacking options. In a place where people spend a majority of their days it’s easy to get bogged down and reach for the comforting choice rather than the healthy choice. SnackNation does the legwork of curating healthy CPG offering to deliver an unparalleled variety and quality of healthy snacks for everyone from the reserved eater to the adventurous epicure.

In this episode, Andy discusses how SnackNation grew from 0 to being a mainstay in thousands of offices across the nation with a focus on content marketing, keyword research, social advertising, and direct mail. In a space with limited opportunities for organic traffic they looked to clients to inspire a strategy that focuses on content that will help their everyday office members. Learn how to dial in your inbound marketing strategy and manage the lifecycle of your leads when they enter your sales funnel.

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