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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Live from the Nest Season 2 Ep. 4 w/ Shawn Gold, Founder & CEO, Pilgrim Soul

Live from the Nest Season 2 is an industry expert series set up fireside chat style, where we sit down with top media executives and they tell us about their marketing journey. Season 2 continues this week with Pilgrim Soul’s creative dynamo, Shawn Gold (Founder & CEO).

Pilgrim Soul has staked its claim as the leader in cannabis for creatives. However, they see the potential to be creative in everyone and the opportunity to unlocking that creativity which lies in simply starting to believe. Pilgrim Soul takes a quantitative and qualitative approach to fine tuning their cannabis offerings to enhance creativity or for the people that just enjoy the product.

Shawn talks us through his background, how creativity has fueled his success, and how he’s made it his mission to unlock that in others. Shawn discusses the theories of convergent and divergent thinking and how most people are taught to be less creative over time. It’s the mission to free this repressed creativity and help others explore this creative side of themselves that has been walled off that inspired the name Pilgrim Soul. He also gives his account of how to get this message out while navigating laws and restrictions of major ad and media platforms.

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