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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Live from the Nest Season 2 Ep. 5 w/ David Peck, Cannabis Entrepreneur

Live from the Nest Season 2 is an industry expert series set up fireside chat style, where we sit down with top media executives and they tell us about their marketing journey. Season 2 continues this week with powerhouse, David Peck.

David made his foray into cannabis at High Times, a pioneering voice in the cannabis industry, established in 1974 it has been a beacon and a bugle for normalizing and building cannabis culture. The publication helped define a counterculture that would eventually lead to states and countries decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana leading to a boom in the industry and a new wave of new research exploring cannabis’ medicinal potential. Now, High Times is continuing to blaze its path as a publisher and events company.

Then he worked with 710 Labs, a cannabis industry staple that focuses on concentrates. They’re currently working on a subscription box service for the company’s high-end consumer. 

David takes us through his start in media at Sony and why he jumped at the opportunity to legitimately join the cannabis industry after harboring an interest since his teenage years. He speaks on the work ethic it takes to grow a successful cannabis business and the necessity of perseverance in a space dominated by an influx of corporate interests interacting with industry veterans.

The challenges and opportunities are something David relishes and remains hopeful that an industry marked by creative problem solvers can continue to innovate in a space that has been traditionally starved for resources and accessibility when compared to other growing businesses.

Finally, David gives his thoughts on the future of the industry and product trends.

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