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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Optimizing Mobile Search Marketing On AdWords

With more and more people searching on their mobile devices, it’s become critical to have a solid understanding of mobile search marketing on AdWords, especially when you consider the behavior of mobile searches versus desktop. People searching on their phones are usually doing so in a much different way, and for different things than they would on their computers. What it boils down to is quickness and simplicity. Here are some tips to help you optimize your success with mobile search marketing on AdWords:

Split and Adjust

The first step to setting up mobile search marketing campaigns is to split up your campaigns so that desktop and mobile are separate. Separating your campaigns will not only allow you to differentiate for mobile but will also give you greater control of your account. You’ll be able to optimize better your budget for whichever devices are returning the best results. To make your new campaign mobile, you have a couple of options. If you want to run your mobile campaign to a mobile website or landing page, you’ll navigate to the devices section under your campaign settings and turn the computer bid adjustment to -100 percent. However, if you’d like to run a campaign for app installs, you’ll just select this option as a campaign type when you create the new campaign.

Mobile Ads

If you want to improve your results with mobile, you’ll need to optimize your ads for mobile searches. As mentioned before, mobile searchers behave differently and have different intent than desktop searchers. Catering to these differences with your ads will be important. Mobile searches are done on smaller devices, so you’ll want to keep your ad copy short and sweet. You’ll also want to use call-to-actions that are more accessible or relevant on mobile devices. For instance, it’s much easier to make a call on your mobile device than it is to book an appointment. And if you are driving your ad to a web page, you’ll want to make sure that the page and conversion flow are mobile optimized.


One specific part of the ads to focus on are the extensions. Google offers an array of mobile friendly extensions that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile ads. By using these features you can cater to mobile searchers by giving them the easiest path to conversion. Call extensions will allow mobile searchers to easily call your business directly from the search engine result pages (SERPs) and location extensions can give these searchers the ability to find you with immediate directions.

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