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June 15, 2022 - By Hawke Media

SEO Trends to Know in 2022, According to Hawke Experts

Search engine optimization is always a bit of an enigma. By design, major search engines don’t reveal details of the algorithm that results in our search results. Furthermore, the details of SEO trends are always evolving —sometimes with a major update announcement from Google, and other times in subtle ways that may take months to even have an impact. 

That’s where your SEO experts come in! When marketers have resource to focus on entirely on search engines, they can stay on top of SEO trends, even with their constant evolution and unpublicized formulas. The experts at Hawke Media have put together a few tips to keep in mind this year. 

Toxic Backlinks Are Less Consequential

Traditional SEO thinking says to beware of toxic backlinks. This is when a site that looks like a spam, scam, or hub for viruses links to your website. (It is also considered toxic if your site is linking to them, but hopefully that’s not the case.) The toxic site can do this for a few different reasons, including boosting their own SEO. But when search engines spot this, they ding you for being connected to a toxic site… or at least they used to. 

The process to remove toxic backlinks involved either asking the site to remove the links or going through a multi-step process to disavow the link and prove you aren’t affiliated. As Google’s AI has gotten smarter, it has learned to recognize toxic backlinks, and also that they probably aren’t your fault. 

Don’t get us wrong, if you have the bandwidth and skillset, still disavow toxic backlinks. It can’t hurt to dissociate yourself from vile internet behavior. But there is no longer a need to worry about toxic backlinks that you don’t know about or can’t get rid of. Google has gotten significantly better at recognizing them and not punishing you for them. 

Claim Your Stuff on Google Business Profile Manager

One of the most common issues with local SEO that our experts at Hawke see is that business don’t claim their Google Business Profile Manager, formerly Google My Business (GMB). Even those that do claim their basic profile fail to build the profile out which can include things like: adding images, writing a business description, verifying data, etc. 

Just because the name has changed doesn’t make Google verification any less important. This is still the first source of info about your business most customers will see. As Business Profile Manager has evolved, there are also social media aspects available (a remnant of Google+ back in the day), which can be helpful when communicating new offers, changing business info due a pandemic, etc. Make your business profile count! 

Once you have your Google Business Profile set up, don’t view it as a chore that needs maintained. Incorporate it into your site to let Google manage your live data for you. The most common issue our experts see here is covering up Google’s map with their own. Let Google’s data populate your maps and beyond. As long as you’ve verified your information on their end, don’t interfere. 

UTM is More Essential Than You Think 

According to Google Analytics, Urchin Tracking Module parameters are five variants of URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media. They were introduced by Google Analytics’ predecessor Urchin and, consequently, are supported out-of-the-box by Google Analytics.

A lot of businesses use their own tracking codes, Bitlys, or other alternatives for their analytics. There is nothing wrong with that approach in terms of getting the data you need. However, using Google’s own tracking methods, even if you don’t need them, can help let Google know how effective different campaigns are. This may not impact your overall site ranking, but it can boost or hurt individual campaigns that customers may search for. 

Brings the Experts to You

If some of this feels overwhelming, or you’re just curious what other new SEO trends could benefit you or your business, contact Hawke Media today.


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