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May 24, 2021 - By Hawke Media

5 Proven Tips for B2B Brands to Succeed in eCommerce

Trade shows have traditionally been the main channel for B2B companies to build customer relations and market their goods. Due to the recent cancellation of all live events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, B2B companies need a new solution to reach their customers.

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or just looking for new ways to grow during this time, here are five tips for B2B companies to sell their products online:

1. Join B2B marketplaces

A B2B marketplace, like, offers unique untapped capabilities enabling business buyers to compare products from sellers anywhere in the world. With over 10 million active business buyers frequenting the site, sellers can expand their potential audience and gain visibility for their brand.

2. Create a standout digital storefront

Just like a physical storefront, you want to make your digital storefront stand out from the crowd. Start with the basics. Clearly display your logo, contact information, and a menu of your products. Make the interface easy to understand and list clear payment options. All of these details make your page more appealing to customers passing through.

3. Optimize your product listings

Because you aren’t selling your products in person, your products need to sell themselves. Your digital storefront should not only attract new leads, but convert new leads into sales through product listing optimization. To optimize, you should add detailed descriptions and high-quality images and videos, list frequently-searched products, targeted names, and list your minimum order quantity.

4. Build a social media presence

Social media, even in the B2B space, helps build brand awareness and establish trust with customers and prospects. What you post, how you respond to comments, and the things you share all paint a picture of your business. Sharing content that showcases your industry knowledge or provides relevant news will benefit your company when potential customers seek a qualified seller.

5. Attend virtual trade shows

Virtual trade shows offer B2B companies the same opportunities as in-person trade shows. Exhibitors connect with attendees in a virtual space and showcase their products. Visitors can view product demos and videos, chat with exhibitors, listen to webinars, and flip through brochures — all online. In many ways, virtual trade shows are more convenient and cost-effective than in-person events. members can also attend their US Trade Shows.

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