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October 1, 2023 - By Hawke Media

Top 13 Web Design Trends of 2024

A great website design establishes a strong online presence for your brand while supporting the needs of customers. If your website looks old, outdated, or out of touch, however, then its design will likely leave visitors running for the hills and on to your competitors’ sites. Fortunately, you can avoid that scenario by regularly updating your website using these smart web design trends for 2022 and beyond.

Big, Bold Typography

Typography is taking centerstage for 2022 – and it’s bigger and bolder than ever. Think 70, 90, 110 point fonts instead of the demure typography of yesteryear.

Most notably, the huge fonts appear in the hero section, allowing it to skip the imagery in favor of letting typography set the tone. Then, to balance it all out, consistently oversized font sizes dominate the page from the main navigation buttons down to the footer.

Want to make an even bigger first impression? Add interactivity to the mix by making the fonts change in weight, size, and even type as visitors move their cursor over the text. Or have your text pop out of the shadows as users scroll down the page.  

Here’s a look at big, bold, and interactive typography in action:

Eye Catching Collages

If an image speaks 1,000 words, then a collage adds endless meaning to your website. It’s no wonder that in-the-know designers have started to embrace collage-style graphics to great effect. This unique style creates a handmade, scrapbook-esque aesthetic that’s simply endearing and adds interest to the page.

Collages are powerful works whether they run along the top of the page or cover the entire website. They work particularly well when you put the imagery off-axis and seemingly at random while adding pops of color throughout.

Top examples of collage-style graphics on websites:

Claymorphism Fun

Claymorphism adds a bit of whimsy to your website design while making it even more approachable for website visitors. This style takes your avatars and other images to the next level with a Claymation spin. Bubbly edges, vivid pastel hues, and neat shadow work all add up to create an artistic style that takes people back to a simpler time.

The claymorphism elements can color your entire webpage or just fill out your image spaces. They even help elevate your navigation buttons by helping them stand out against the rest of your design.

Check out claymorphism working its magic at:

Return of Memphis Design

A true hallmark of the 80s, Memphis design is back and it’s taking over the web in 2022. This design approach went full counter-culture against the structure and rigidity of the times. Art Deco geometry, radical Pop Art colors, and kitsch for days came together to build a creative style all its own.

To trigger nostalgia without compromising on usability, your website needs to have a Memphis look while still making UX/UI design a top priority. With that combo, your bold, brave design will serve as the stunning backdrop to all the content your target audience wants from your brand.

Memphis design stands out on all these sites:

One Page to Rule Them All

People are busier than ever these days, resulting in the need for instant solutions to their daily challenges. So, that’s why a straightforward, one page website design rules when it comes to customer research. The single page leads your target audience from A to B without any detours, giving them your product and service info with the quickness.

To really make this work, you have to trim the fat by keeping your content clear and concise from start to finish. With that move, you give your customers all the info they need upfront, so they can make well-informed buying decisions in no time flat.

Take a peek at these winning one page site designs:

The Magic of Microsites

Microsites let you bring any of your products, services, campaigns, and special events to life through imaginative digital experiences. These sites stand separate from your main website, complete with their own URL, design, and content. When well-crafted, microsites directly engage with your visitors in a compelling, interactive way to drive interest in whatever you want to thrust into the spotlight.

Since they’re often laser-focused, one page designs work incredibly well for microsites, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Multiple pages are fine, too, as long as you take the full user experience into account all along the way.

Truly compelling microsite designs include:

Welcome to Endless Interactivity

Interactivity creates an instant connection with your website visitors, paving the way to true engagement with your brand. An interactive web design feels like an app yet goes deep into all the content your customers need most to complete the buyer’s journey.

You want your users clicking, dragging, and scrolling to keep the content flowing to make them active participants in the journey. As they put in the work, their efforts should get rewarded with graphics, videos, 3D animations, and more, keeping the meaningful engagement going through their visit.

Well-designed interactive websites include:

A Journey Through Puzzles

If you’d like to go beyond simple interactivity, gamify your website by integrating fun puzzles into its design. Your content should clearly lead visitors through the clues, creating a space wherever everyone wins.

To do that, consider having the cursor serve as a drawing tool, hiding clickable easter eggs in your imagery, or using riddles to unlock new content. The sky is the limit in how you can turn your website into a rewarding game for all to play again and again.

Check out some of the most engaging puzzle-based websites:  

Voice User Interface (VUI)

As voice-activated devices like smart speakers become more prevalent, incorporating Voice User Interface (VUI) into web design will become essential. This means designing websites that are not only navigable via traditional inputs like mouse and keyboard but also through voice commands. This trend caters to the growing user preference for hands-free, voice-activated interactions and can enhance accessibility for users with disabilities.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Augmented reality offers immersive experiences that can transform how users interact with websites. For e-commerce sites, AR can allow customers to visualize products in their own environment before purchasing. For educational and informational sites, AR can provide engaging, interactive ways to learn and explore content. Integrating AR into web design can significantly boost user engagement and provide unique experiences that set a brand apart.

Sustainability in Web Design

As environmental concerns continue to grow, sustainable web design will likely become more prominent. This involves creating websites that are energy-efficient, with optimized loading times and lower data requirements, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Designers might focus on minimalistic designs that require less processing power, adopt eco-friendly hosting solutions, and prioritize accessibility and inclusivity.

Dark Mode and Color Scheme Flexibility

Offering a dark mode option on websites has become a popular trend. It not only provides a modern and sleek look but also reduces eye strain for users in low-light conditions. Additionally, allowing users to switch between different color schemes can enhance accessibility and personalization, making the website more comfortable and engaging for a diverse audience.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning can significantly enhance user experience. This can include chatbots for improved customer service, personalized content recommendations based on user behavior, or predictive search functionalities that make navigating your website more intuitive. AI integration can help in creating a more interactive, personalized, and efficient experience for users.

Want to Upgrade Your Site with 2022 Web Design Trends?

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