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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

A Statement from Hawke Media: “We Cannot Rest”

Our hearts weigh heavily with the recent, ongoing, and institutional tragedies that the black community faces too often. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor could have been our friends, neighbors, family, or team members who happened to be born black in this country and indeed many parts of the world.

We stand with them in solidarity and we stand against the systemic and putrid racism that led to events like this and countless more. This movement is not for us to co-opt.

We move to amplify the voices of the men and women of color and their allies who cry out for relief, for change, and for justice.

See these protests as a response by people who have experienced collective centuries of generational injustice pushing back against forces that would have us maintain a status quo that promotes the comfort of some over the humanity of many.

Our communities are alight with the rage of those who want a more equitable world. Grief and loss are being felt by all.

Until accountability has become a core component of our society, we cannot rest.