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Building A Brand - Logo Design
April 27, 2022 - By Hawke Media

What Are the Top Branding Marketing Services?

Marketing via branding services can often feel nebulous — a company knows it needs help with branding but doesn’t know where to start or how to measure effectiveness. An agency that specializes in branding or design can often provide expert insight.

To help guide marketers in this situation, we’ve compiled a list of all the different branding services that can enhance any brands marketing efforts. All of these are available from experts at Hawke Media. This can range from a complete rebranding, which overhauls brand image and style guidelines, or one-off design projects that can reshape a brand’s direction. 

  1. Branding & Messaging Workshop – This is the best place for a brand to begin if it is looking to define its unique point of view, and to elevate the expression of the brand. We will develop a brand’s positioning framework and provide a suite of messaging elements to ensure consistent communication across all brand touch points.
  2. Brand Guide – A brand guide is an in-depth guide around a brand’s identity and core elements. It covers visual components like logo usage, color palette, and font systems as well as positioning, messaging, and target audience information from corresponding Strategy work. Used both internally and externally, this comprehensive document establishes distinct guidelines for how to execute a unified and identifiable brand presence across all platforms. The document is so comprehensive that it can be very beneficial to bring in experts to help build it.
  3. Style Guide – Focused primarily on aesthetics, this document establishes distinct guidelines for how to execute a unified and identifiable brand presence, including logo usage, color palette, and font systems. This can be incorporated into the overall Brand Guide, or a standalone document to supplement the overall strategy. 
  4. Packaging Design – As an ecommerce brand, a product’s success often hinges on an authentic, memorable aesthetic that speaks to your customers and encourages them to return. This service empowers brands to make shipments a memorable component that fits the brand’s identity.  
  5. Presentation Deck – As a brand grows, it may need a custom pitch or presentation deck that reflects and expands upon the brand’s aesthetic and values. It creates alignment between identity,message, and offering, while building internal excitement and buy-in. 
  6. Marketing Collateral – This service encompasses any digital or printed materials used to communicate, promote, or inform the brand’s messaging, products, or services. This includes everything from business cards to postcards, brochures, and one sheets.
  7. Digital Ad Design – Paid media isn’t just copy and ad words. Many channels benefit from visuals, and effective visuals need their own development. 
  8. Naming – Without a name, there’s no brand. Hawke’s Brand Strategy team will develop a range of naming possibilities for both brand or product names based on strategic relevance, competitive distinctiveness, and memorability.

Nearly every part of a business’ marketing is impacted by branding and design. Web pages and emails won’t have a starting point without a clear visual identity for the company. Blog posts and marketing need copy and style guidelines to direct tone and voice.

Successful branding is the cornerstone of impactful marketing. If you want expert eyes on your branding and design marketing, contact Hawke today. Month-to-month contracts and a la carte services make it so you can have a reliable CMO to refer to, or just bring in experts for a specific project. Get started today. 

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