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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

How to Design and Implement a Flawless Facebook Strategy

While many consumers think of Facebook purely as a social media platform, it is also an extremely efficient and effective means of reaching your organization’s prospective customers and driving new user acquisition and brand awareness. The benefits of utilizing Facebook for your paid media efforts include, but are not limited to, sizable audience reach, enhanced targeting and retargeting options, extensive analytics and reporting, creative control, A/B testing capabilities, and the ability to fine-tune the means by which you communicate with your targeted audience via Facebook’s audience insights.Many of the clients on Hawke Media’s current roster utilize Facebook advertising to some extent and one of the main challenges that this clientele faces from the very beginning of their relationship with our organization is creating a blueprint for sustainable success on this platform. That’s where I (the paid media manager) come into play. One of the most challenging yet exciting parts of my job is crafting a sustainable model for an organization’s continued success by designing and implementing a flawless Facebook strategy. The following report will serve as a step-by-step guide as to how to lay down the foundation for a scalable Facebook campaign, with the inclusion of data from a current client’s campaigns as a point of reference.Download the “How to Design and Implement a Flawless Facebook Strategy” White Paper to discover the secret to dominate Facebook marketing and maximize your ROI.