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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

World Mental Health Day 2019: How Hawke Values Wellness in the Workplace

Today is World Mental Health Day, and it serves as a great reminder for us that at work our minds come first. Here at Hawke Media, we work very hard and are very busy, but we place an important emphasis on mental health and a work-life balance.

In the hope of reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and tiredness in and out of the office, Hawke kicked off a Wellness Program earlier this year. The purpose of this program is to help bring awareness and to promote well-rounded health and fitness at Hawke by bringing resources and tools to keep all of those feelings at bay directly to our employees. Through this program, we provide the necessary means to boost overall well-being and productivity in each area of the wellness journey for all of our people.

We took a proactive approach when launching this program, and worked with a couple of partners to introduce the idea of mindfulness in the workplace holistically. The terms mindfulness and wellness are sometimes used interchangeably, though they often mean different things to different people. When rolling out this program, we acknowledged that what wellness or mindfulness looks like for one person could be different from how it looks for someone else and made a point to tailor these perks to fit everyone’s individual wellness needs.

After investing a lot of time and research into wellness programs, we are very happy with the steps we have made to create a more personalized program that each employee can benefit from. Below we highlight our key partnerships that have made implementing a wellness program simple:

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Zeel delivers employee wellness solutions directly to your office. They have four main offerings: chair massages, mindfulness sessions, yoga, and assisted stretching. We have partnered with them to offer our employees on-site chair massages as well as one-on-one time with an instructor for their mindfulness needs.

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Cloverfield Consulting

Cloverfield is a consulting group that takes a unique approach to corporate wellness by integrating one’s personal and professional self. Their workshops cover a range of topics and are tailored to help improve work productivity, enhance company culture, and boost overall employee morale. Each workshop is led by a certified facilitator in a group setting, which allows employees to interact with colleagues outside of their department.

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Fitness Partnerships

Fitness is a big part of Hawke culture, and we recently launched a corporate partnership with ClassPass so our employees can access classes on the go. We’ve also been able to partner with various gyms and studios around the Los Angeles area such as David Barton, Basecamp Fitness, and BoxUnion to name a few. Through these partnerships, our employees have been able to take advantage of discounted rates as well as attend private classes exclusively curated for Hawke.

Interested in these types of offerings? We’re hiring! Check out our open roles today.

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