Using Social Media Ads to Grow Your Email Marketing List

It is extremely important to grow your email marketing newsletter list so new people are constantly being brought into your marketing funnel. And without any list growth initiates, your reach will decrease as users unsubscribe over time. The most effective way to drive new traffic to your website and email capture is with paid social media ads.  With social media paid ads, a brand has the ability to get in front of people who have expressed interest in your brand or similar brands. This is extremely important because people are only going to click on ads if they are served an ad that is relevant to them and entices them.

Using Paid Social to Drive Traffic

When a new user comes from a paid social media ad onto your site, you ideally want to capture their email so that you can continue to nurture them to make their first purchase. The best way to capture visits is with a pop-up, offering a discount. Pop-ups with an incentive perform at a higher engagement rate than those without. Be careful. If a pop-up is too intrusive then you risk pushing the visitor to bounce from the site. 

Message Alignment from Ad to Landing Page

I cannot overemphasize the importance of aligning messaging across platforms. For example, the ad that someone sees on Facebook before clicking over to the brand’s website should match the website pop-up. Studies have emphasized that aligning copy across platforms makes user experience with brands more seamless. To the same point, messaging across paid social ads and email should align. If a brand is running a Flash Sale via email, the same Flash Sale should be marketed and served to people through Facebook ads. If a brand is promoting a new “summer line” via email with fun copy, this same copy and imagery should be used in the paid social media ads.

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