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May 28, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

What Brands Need to Know About their Amazon Sales Rank

Whether you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while or you’re new to it, you’ve probably heard of Amazon sales rank. But what is a good Amazon sales rank? And how do you find yours? 

First, it’s important to understand that your Amazon sales rank is not like Google search engine rankings, although both serve the same purpose of helping people find your brand. There are some similarities in how rankings are calculated, but the Amazon sales rank uses a different algorithm that focuses on the relevance of your products to what the shopper is looking for, how many people have purchased your products in the past, and Amazon reviews and seller feedback. 

Knowing how to use these factors to boost your sales rank is an important step to finding success as an Amazon seller. 

How to Find Your Amazon Sales Rank

You must measure before you can improve. So before you can start boosting your Amazon sales rank — sometimes called your Best Sellers Rank (BSR) — you have to find it. Of course, every product you list on Amazon will have its own ranking, which shows how well the product is selling compared to other products like it. 

Your Amazon sales rank is a number from 1 to 1 million or more, depending on how many products there are in a category. As with any best-seller list, the lower the number, the better the position. A BSR of 1 would be the best any product could achieve, meaning it’s the best-selling product in its category. To find your Amazon sales rank, look in the product details section for your product. You can also use third-party software to track your rank and sales history over time, giving you more insight to improve your BSR. 

What Is a Good Amazon Sales Rank? 

Whether a specific sales rank is “good” or not depends on the competition within the category. If you have a rank of 10 and there are only 10 products like yours, that’s not good. It’s best to strive for a sales rank between 1 and 3, putting you on the first page of a shopper’s search.  

You can also rank in multiple subcategories for products similar to yours. Let’s say you’re selling hair-straightening irons. You might rank 1 in the category for flat irons but much lower for the more general “beauty products.” 

Five Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon calculates your sales rank using a sophisticated algorithm that takes several factors into account. The company doesn’t share all the details of how BSR is calculated, but by understanding some of the elements, you can boost your rank. 

Certain factors that affect BSR are not within your control, of course. You can make your product listing as enticing as possible and offer a good product, but you can’t force people to buy. Since recent sales and buyer feedback and reviews play a significant role in BSR, the key is to offer good products people will love. But you can’t directly control sales. 

There are other elements that contribute to your BSR, however, that you can control, so let’s focus on those. 

1) Create an Optimized Product Title

Using a straightforward title that describes your product perfectly and also catches shoppers’ attention is the key. Just like the headline of a blog post or the first sentence in a social media post, your product title will entice people to keep reading.

What makes a good title? It should include the keyword that best describes your product, as well as descriptive phrases to capture a shopper’s attention. You can use various keyword tools to find the best keyword, and don’t forget to look at the search terms your competitors are using for similar products. 

2) Share Great Photos

Some people shop on Amazon based on product images alone — especially if they’re shopping for clothing or home decor items. Refer to Amazon’s product image requirements to make sure your photos fit the technical requirements and the site standards. Photos must be professional quality. 

3. Optimize Your Product Description

Your product description should entice shoppers to make a purchase by highlighting the benefits of your product as well as its features and what sets it apart from competitors. You want shoppers to be able to visualize themselves using your product and feel as if they can’t live without it. Highlight benefits and competitive differentiators in a bullet-pointed list that will make it easy for customers to scan your listing and find exactly what they want.

4) Ask for Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Positive reviews and seller feedback play a role in your Amazon sales rank. Follow up with your customers via email and ask them to leave a review and feedback sharing their experience with your product. Don’t be shy about this important step, as it can really help raise your BSR and inform future product updates.

5) Promote Your Products Across the Web 

Recent sales drive your Amazon sales rank. In other words, in order to be successful, you have to show past success. Promote your products not just on Amazon but through a variety of channels to increase sales. You can use social media and content marketing, Google Ads, and Amazon advertising to spread the word about your products. You may also hold sales and promotions to encourage people to buy. 

Don’t let up on your promotional efforts, because your sales will drop — and so will your Amazon sales rank. Because recent sales contribute so heavily to BSR, having a comprehensive marketing strategy and making sure to continue promotions through a variety of challenges offers your best chance at success in selling on Amazon. 

Learn more about how to optimize your Amazon marketing strategy.

Rely On an Outsourced Marketing Consulting Firm 

It’s not always easy to keep up with Amazon promotions and marketing to improve your sales rank while you’re also focused on so many other aspects of your business. Good Amazon listings rely on a blend of SEO, compelling sales copy, the best images, and a marketing strategy to drive it all. 

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