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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Introducing Our New Grad Program: The Associate Digital Marketer Program!

Hey new grads, soon-to-be new grads, and family, friends, and mentors of new grads, this message is for you. We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Associate Digital Marketer program! Here we’ll fill you in on all of the benefits and why you should consider applying for the program.


What is the Associate Digital Marketer (ADM) program?

The ADM program is a two-year, entry-level, rotational program designed to develop the next generation of leaders within digital marketing. Through training, mentorship, and rotating assignments within various departments at Hawke, ADMs will gain a unique view into how we customize data-driven, performance-focused solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes. All associates will complete a one-year rotational program across different service teams, followed by one year in a single channel based on preference, client needs, and manager approval.

We offer two rotational tracks, and they are as follows:

1. Media Buying, Lifecycle Marketing, Internal Marketing

2. Content, Creative, Strategy


Who qualifies and makes a great ADM?

You must be graduating in 2020 from an undergraduate program. We’re looking for certified all-stars with stellar internship or project-based experience, and an understanding of digital marketing and a passion to be an industry expert is key. The soft skills that will help you thrive through the interview process and as an ADM are leadership ability, resiliency, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and creative intuition.


How do you apply and what is the recruiting process?

Applications are open now and close December 1, 2019. Items to include are your resume, track preference, and responses to two or three prompts included in the application questions.

If you don’t include these items, we cannot move forward with your application. It would be a bummer if that happened to you, so read through the entire job posting.

From there, the recruiting process is pretty simple. There will be a first-round call with a recruiter, then a second-round call with a hiring manager from one of our service channels, followed by a third-round, on-site, group interview. Your candidacy will be reevaluated at each step of the recruiting process, meaning you are a stellar candidate if you are chosen to attend the third round.

The components of the group interview include a panel interview and a collaborative project. Interviews will happen on a rolling basis, with the exclusive on-site interview event happening in January.



There’s an event?!

Hawke-a-palooza is a half-day event meant to mimic a day in the life of a Hawke employee, giving you a chance to get to know us before we get to know you. We’ll kick it off with a beginner yoga class led by yours truly, followed by time for Hawke-related games—including seeing employees in the hot seat and a caption contest.

Next, we’ll chat with industry experts and share the inside scoop on our ADM program. You’ll want to stick around for the happy hour to get to know the Hawke fam in our natural habitat.

Do you have more questions?

Email Mackie Abergel, [email protected].

Are you excited? 

Register here:


Are you looking for one more testimonial to convince you to apply?

“Working at Hawke not only gave me the most experience I could ever gain in three months, but it allowed me to meet such amazing people. The work environment really set the bar super high for my next job. I genuinely never thought I would miss working somewhere so much!” ~ Rachel Rim, Intern, Lifecycle Marketing, Summer 2019

“The company as a whole fosters a culture of learning and growth. I came to Hawke with the notion that I was a decent digital marketer, but I have found that there is never too much you can learn. With the ever-changing world of marketing and technology, you have to stay invested in education and should always stay hungry for knowledge.” ~ Bryce Henley, Director of Client Strategy

Ok, now seriously, go apply:

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