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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Get the Most Hearts on Your Next Instagram Sponsored Ad

Most advertisers are shifting their focus and budgets to Instagram sponsored ads. Why? The secret is simple: Instagram is easy. You won’t need any kind of professional equipment or a big budget to get started. Instagrammers don’t want perfection, they want to know they are understood.

1.The Composition of an Ad

Instagram Ads are powerful because they blend into the feed as the user is scrolling through, without any disruption. Instagram offers a full range of call-to-action buttons for the paid posts, making it easier for customers to convert.

2. Powered by Facebook

Instagram Sponsored Ads are run through Facebook and can be set up through a third party platform (Ad Creation, Power Editor, FB Ads API, etc). This can give you access to a full range of targeting featuring, allowing you to filter by audience demographics.

3. Business Tools

You can utilize Instagram’s Business Tools as a great introduction to the paid social media. And allows use for bigger business looking to run a quick campaign on the go. It’s a free feature, but when you have a business account on Instagram you can give your followers the options of calling, texting, emailing or getting directions to your place of business.

4. Pass the Mic

Using Instagram gives you access to work with an Influencer within your target market to expand your business’ reach. User generated content is proven to build trust and drive more engagement.

5. The One Constant on a Constantly Evolving Platform

Instagram is constantly releasing updates to their ad offerings and media formats. Carousel Ads have been introduced as a slideshow format for Insta-pictures. Instagram also started getting serious with their video, extending their clip length to 60 seconds, plus adding video to the Explore grid. Their newest feature is to show posts according to which ones users like most, rather than chronologically.Take-away: the key to standing out in the feed remains constant: quality content!!So get ‘gramming! Pinpoint your audience, create your aesthetic, build your community and continue to test until you find a strategy that works best for you.Take your digital marketing to the next level. Access our August White Paper, Buying Friends and Influencing People: A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Advertising.