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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Influencer Outreach

Guerrilla marketing is a unique strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. While you may not think guerrilla marketing applies to influencer outreach, it is a powerful practice that can help you engage with influencers in a disruptive way that has a lasting impact. As influencer marketing continues to rise in popularity amongst marketers, competing brands are challenged with not only securing the right influencers, but also with grabbing their attention right out of the gate. Primarily for brands that are working with a smaller budget, engaging with influencers can be challenging. So how do you engage with influencers in an increasingly noisy market?Here are four guerrilla marketing tactics that will further advance your influencer marketing techniques.

  1. Get Personal
  2. Giveaway Free Samples
  3. Create an Experience
  4. Add Value

Get Personal

Instead of sending out a generic mass email to a wide selection of influencers, aim to connect with influencers on an individual level. Connect with them where they are already spending their time. For example, if you have an influencer whose primary platform is Instagram, challenge yourself to engage with their content in a way that adds value. Engagement can include commenting on a post and then eventually sending them a direct message. For influencers that are constantly on the go, you can offer them something that will better equip them for their next vacation, project, or life event.

Giveaway free samples

While you may not be able to offer compensation to your influencers, you can offer free product giveaways. Giveaways include gifting the influencers, but also sending an extra product to “giveaway” to their followers. To further entice influencers you can offer a “sneak peak” of a product before it’s released.

Create an Experience

Give influencers hands-on experiences to connect with your brand or product. For example, if you are launching a new line of jewelry, host an influencer marketing event two months prior. Invite them to an exclusive experience where they can meet the designers in person, enjoy refreshments and other activities. An interactive event is a memorable way to prove product value and build trust. Additionally, be sure to ask the influencer to document and share the event to their personal networks, so you’re left with content that is shareable.

Add Value

After you have already established a relationship with an influencer, instead of it being a one-off collaboration, aim to maintain and nurture the relationship. Pay attention to your target influencers’ overall business goals or personal interests. If you have a mutually beneficial opportunity, don’t hesitate to make connections within your network. Opportunities can be as simple as making a formal introduction between your connection and the influencer. You can also share their content on your social channels to increase their brand awareness.

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