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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Do It For The Culture: What Makes Hawke Media’s Award-Winning Culture Better Than Anywhere Else’s

Did you read the title? We actually did it! Hawke Media is proud to be counted among Comparably’s Best Company Cultures in their Best Place to Work Awards!

We don’t want to say it’s easy, because it isn’t. We just make it look that way. There was a lot of thought, time, and effort put into building the culture at Hawke from every level.

It’s our firm belief that when you take everyone into consideration when building out everything from your office layout and organizational structure to the dog-friendly policy and consciously collaborative environment, you end up with a stellar group of people who are empowered to work together with a common purpose.

Our Philosophy

We’re not actually in it for the awards or recognition. Hawke’s focus is on our people and making sure that the place where our team spends most of their days is somewhere they want to be.

We’ve begun to define our culture in two buckets—objective and subjective:

Objective: Pretty much anything you can see, hold, hear, smell, or taste. Anything tangible that can be experienced with the five senses. These things include:

  • Casual Dress
  • Ping Pong
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Flexible Work Spaces
  • Office Snacks

It’s simple. We offer our people best-in-class office perks and other benefits above and beyond the scope of healthcare and retirement plans. It shows we care about our people, their overall wellbeing, and their quality of life.

Subjective: These are the intangibles. They mean something different for everyone, but it’s something each and every one of us here has internalized to create a sense of community, like:

Our Beliefs

  • Everyone can get better. We embody this by offering ample learning and personal & professional growth opportunities.
  • People are generally good. Good people inspire others to be better.

Our Behaviors

  • We practice empathy. To be able to understand the difference between a want and a need helps us guide clients point A to point B. Empathy helps us clear a path to success!

Our Attitudes

  • We are proactive. Whether it be our annual anti-conference, Hawkefest, or the companies we partner with to expand our reach and build community, Hawke goes out into the world and creates opportunities.
  • We are optimistic. Everything that’s worth celebrating, we celebrate. From the small wins like achieving a weekly goal or hitting a sales target, we want the entire Hawke fam to be included.
  • We are inclusive. We’re all in this together. Each team isn’t a silo and each individual has a network of support and resources. We also have clubs and events to allow the Hawke Fam to explore their interests together. 

Our Values

IQ+EQ+AQ = Hawke

  • Intelligence, empathy, and adaptability are the defining characteristics of our people, partners, and clients.

Unwavering pursuit of growth

  • We get better every day and we fucking love it. We are insatiably curious in the pursuit of our mission and betterment.

Massive Impact

  • We are leaders. We efficiently drive measurable results and innovative ideas—shaping the future of marketing.

Have Fun

  • We own our happiness and find joy in the process. Our people, partners, and clients choose to see the glass half-full and have strong emotional fortitude.

Build Community

  • We practice meritocracy, celebrate diversity, foster community, provide opportunities, and live with integrity.


  • Open, consistent, empathetic communication is the foundation for all of our relationships and critical to our collective success and happiness.

Accessibility and Accountability

  • We are economically and strategically accessible so that everyone with ambition and aptitude has a clear path to success. With no tolerance for BS, we reward radical candor and are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our Assumptions

  • At Hawke, we choose our people with intention. The diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and expertise is what’s helped us continue to grow over the last five years.

We welcome those who challenge us and are willing to shake things up. Everyone deserves an opportunity.

Our Vision

  • We have an eye towards growth. We’re not content where we are and we want to break into every market. We want to be the biggest, baddest marketing consultancy out there.

And we’ve found the perfect mix of qualities and people to make this happen!

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