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Woman with fitness goals works out in the New Year
January 12, 2022 - By Dawn Allcot

Health & Wellness: Year-Round Marketing Ideas

When you’re in the health and wellness industry, New Year’s is arguably your most essential marketing window. With things like open enrollment, “New Year, New You” messaging, and an overall sentiment to do better in the coming year, the wellness industry can take advantage of consumers’ “fresh start” mindset and give them the tools and ideas they need to make the improvements they want in their lives. 

But health and wellness marketing doesn’t have to end in January. Capture those who dropped their New Year’s resolutions in February or March, get people ready to spring into summer with a focus on outdoor fitness, and remind people to focus on self-care in the fall, when they tend to get into hibernation mode. 

Borrow these ideas and consider your unique target audience to create a year-round marketing campaign that focuses on how your products or services can support your customers’ health and fitness, along with their overall wellness. 

Help Your Customers Find Their “Why” in February 

Studies show that more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February. That makes winter the perfect time to give people an incentive to get back on track with their health and fitness goals. 

Studies also show that people are more likely to stick to their healthier habits if they have a strong “why,” and aren’t doing it just because they feel forced by outside influences, pressured by peers, or that it’s something they “should” do. A health and wellness marketing campaign that reminds people of their why, using powerful testimonials from consumers like themselves, can trigger people to think about how their healthier habits may benefit those they love. For instance, a video showing a previously overweight grandmother now down on the floor playing with her kids could motivate generations of moms, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and even aunts to get in shape to enjoy those benefits as well. 

Capture Customers With Loyalty Marketing

If you implemented a loyalty marketing campaign, now’s the time to reach out to those who signed up. If your program uses an app, take advantage of that to display an ad banner reminding them to come back — and earn points or a perk in the process! 

You can also use SMS marketing effectively with a simple note that piques customers’ attention. You can say, “What happened?” or “We missed you.” Some brands build relationships and loyalty by placing the burden on themselves. Start your message with “I’m sorry.” Ask customers why they didn’t return and what you can do to entice them back.  

Many customers give up their resolutions because they aimed too high. Maybe a 1-hour workout per day or eating low-carb meals for a month straight was too much to tackle. A solid email marketing campaign can remind customers of the tangible benefits of doing business with you. Provide tools to show them how health and fitness can still be a part of their lives even without going all out as they tried to do in January. Get customers thinking about the goals they abandoned and show them how they can take small, simple steps toward better health using your product, service, or community. 

When Warm Weather Rolls Around, Focus on Outdoor Fitness 

Spring and summer don’t have to be all about building your perfect beach body — unless feeling confident at the shore is what resonates with your target audience. Spring and summer campaigns should focus on people getting in shape so they can enjoy all the fun summer activities, like hiking and biking. 

Emphasize how it’s easier to enjoy outdoor sports and activities when you’ve spent some time training for them. Tap into customers’ emotions by choosing images of families playing outdoors together. Depending on your brand, it may also be appropriate to stress the wellness benefits of outdoor activities and connecting with Mother Nature. 

To help customers feel involved and form a stronger connection with your brand, consider launching a user-generated content campaign where you encourage people to use a specific hashtag with photos showing them engaged in their favorite outdoor activities with friends or family. 

Summer Bodies Are Built in the Spring

An analysis from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association revealed that more  gym membership sales for the year take place in January (10.8%) than any other month. That’s no surprise. Sales steadily decline after January until April, when they begin to rise, reaching the second biggest month in June as people prepare for summer, swimsuits, and outdoor activities. Keep this in mind as you plan your year-round marketing campaign, especially if you own a gym or sell exercise equipment or fat-loss products.  

Be Kind This Fall

As the fourth quarter and cooler weather rolls around (at least for customers in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s a time to practice kindness — to yourself and others. With Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Cyber Monday) on the horizon, it’s a great time to center your campaigns around giving back. For instance, a meal-service delivery program might donate one meal for every healthy meal their customers purchase. 

Rather than focusing on dropping weight or achieving workout goals, fall campaigns may also center on balancing seasonal treats like pumpkin pie with healthy choices or gym time. Give people feel-good vibes by reminding them that cheat days are okay. They should focus on building a lifestyle. Show how your products can help. 

Other health and wellness marketing ideas could include a campaign that provides tools — such as guided meditations or a journal — to remind people to be kind to themselves and be patient with others as the stress of the holiday season is already starting to build. 

Focus on a Healthy Holiday Season

Your year-round marketing campaign has come full circle, and January will be here before you know it. People may already be considering their New Year’s resolutions before they’ve finished off their holiday shopping lists. Encourage them to treat themselves to your products and get a head start on the new year. By the time January rolls around and gyms are once again packed, your customers will have established better health and fitness habits to last the whole year through. 

Get marketing support all year long, or just strategy ideas on a month-to-month basis by getting started with Hawke Media today.


Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer and content marketing specialist who frequently covers marketing, eCommerce, finance, real estate, and technology. She is also the owner and founder of, a travel and lifestyle website.