Understanding the Difference Between SEO and PPC

The importance of maintaining a strong digital presence cannot be understated when it comes to growing your business. Beyond managing an active social media presence, it’s important to consider how you’re bringing in traffic. Two distinctly different approaches used to grow your brand on the digital front come from SEO and PPC, or Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click, respectively. 

According to a 2016 survey by BrightLocal, 53% of consumers used search to find a local business at least once a month. This indicates that a business like an attorney office or electrician ought to utilize either an organic or paid strategy to gain new customers.

As is true with investing, small businesses should not place all their eggs in one basket. More often than not, these two channels work in a holistic manner to drive traffic to a site. Learn more about using SEO and PPC together.

Understanding the Pay-Per-Click Model

PPC is used for fast, targeted and precise traffic. Small businesses have been utilizing PPC over the past decade to gain direct exposure to the multitude audiences. PPC is great in that once campaigns are approved, they can immediately begin generating traffic and leads. Ads can also be shown to the specific audience a business wants to reach in a campaign. 

The Long-Term Approach to Search Engine Optimization

If a small business decides to go with SEO, it is largely for the long-term investment in web presence. Depending on the keywords, SEO is a long-term game to see results. However, its potential impact can last much longer into the future. The main benefit of SEO is that it can give businesses a solid footing in organic search and optimize a site for search generating free traffic. However, rankings in keywords can be lost due to aggressive competition.

For any business, it’s essential to assess the short term and long term goals. Learn more from Hawke Media’s July White Paper: The Power of Search Engine Marketing.

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